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Winning Digital Customers

Content Library

Welcome to the Winning Digital Customers Digital Library, an online resource for readers of the bestselling book.

This website has a wealth of content to help you put the book's lessons into action. It contains over 50 individual resources, including shareable memes, slideshows, templates, videos, and exercises.

To access this content, either go to the Resources guide, which lists the most important resources from the book or select a chapter from the chapter dropdown menu in the top navigation to access its full set of materials.

You can also locate content by entering the links or scanning the QR codes included throughout Winning Digital Customers.

What will you find on the Winning Digital Customers Content Library?


We've provided a number of supplemental ebooks that cover subjects we didn’t have room to discuss in the book. These ebooks lay out detailed, step-by-step processes for pitching digital transformation, conducting customer research, and other topics, so make sure to check them out if you’re looking for more actionable content. You can find these ebooks referenced in the pertinent chapters, or you can download some of them by clicking on the covers below.

Shareable Content

For readers who want to pass on the book’s salient points to others, we’ve created a host of shareable memes and diagram cards that are optimized for social sharing. If there’s a quote that stood out to you or a diagram you found valuable from the book, make sure to find it here and share it with your network using Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled all of the book’s shareable content here. You can also access shareable content using the links or QR codes found in the book, or use the Chapters dropdown to find a meme or diagram from a specific chapter.


There are a variety of videos in which Howard Tiersky, the author of Winning Digital Customers, expands on topics from the book in greater depth. These videos provide detailed explanations and real-world examples that can be helpful if you’re looking to better understand something from the book or just want to learn more. These videos can also be used as a jumping off point to complete the book’s supplemental exercises with your team. We’ve put a few examples below, but there are many more videos that can be accessed by going to to the pertinent chapter page or by following the links or QR codes found in the book.


To help you get started with the specific activities and deliverables discussed throughout the book, we’ve provided a wide array of prebuilt templates in the form of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Powerpoint and InDesign sample deliverables. All you have to do is download them and then begin plugging in your information. Some of the templates provided include an editable Pain map, a spreadsheet for scoring ideas, and a slide deck for presenting customer research, along with much, much more. To find all of the other templates, either enter the link or QR code provided in the book or find the chapter it’s from in the chapter dropdown menu.

Digital Index

If you’re reading an ebook version of the Winning Digital Customers, you’re probably better off selecting the search icon in your ebook reader to find a certain word or phrase. But for readers of the physical book, we’ve decided to save some trees by not including a traditional index and instead creating a digital index that can be found here. We hope you agree that this is a superior experience, as you can search across the whole book in seconds and promptly find the specific page numbers you’re looking for.

In summary, to access this content, you can follow the links and QR codes found throughout the book, go to the Resources page to browse some of the most important items, or locate the specific chapter you’re looking for in the Chapters dropdown menu and find what you need there.